Nano Hydro Oxygen Cream - 60ml

For Dry,Oily & Normal Skin - 适合干性,油性及正常肌肤



It Is Rich In Various Plant Extracts Such As Beautiful Ivy, Which Makes The Product Milder, The Skin Is Easier To Absorb, Repairs And Tightens The Skin, Makes The Skin White And Bright, Moist And Smooth And Elastic.


Direction: After cleansing or cleansing the skin in the morning and evening, apply a proper amount to the palm or cotton pad, gently tap the face with a palm or a cotton pad, massage and absorb.


  • 肌肽CARNOSINE:主要抗老化 抗氧化,维持肌肤新陈代谢
  • 银耳TREMELLA FUCIFORMIS:保湿,抗老去皱及紧肤作用
  • 透明质酸钠SODIUM HYALURONATE:给肌肤深层补水,使皮肤柔嫩,光滑,去皱,增加弹性,防止衰老
  • PEG-75牛油树脂甘油酯类PEG-75 SHEA BUTTER GLYCERIDES:强效保湿及润肤 防止皮肤衰老

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